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 (new) ARLEQUINS - The Italian Progressive Site
 (unch) The Big Bang Magazine
 (new) Camelot Club Vigevano!
 (new) DURP
 (unch) Dutch Progressive Rock Page
 (new) E-prog (Home of the keyboards-based Progressive Rock)
 (new) Electromantic Music
 (new) Estonian Progressive Rock Webpagee
 (new) Expose'
 (unch) Prog not Frog
 (unch) From Genesis to Revelation (italian radio show)
 (unch) Ghostland
 (new) Ground and Sky (Prog Reviews)
 (unch) The Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock
 (unch) Gothenburg Art Rock Society
 (upd) - La musica che esce dalle cantine
 (unch) Nucleus - The site of the Progressive Music
 (upd) Planet Prog
 (new) Prog Resiste (Belgian Magazine)
 (new) Progression Magazine
 (new) Progressive Music References
 (new) - Online Prog Shop
 (upd) ProgTeam
 (unch) Rock Progressivo Brasil
 (unch) Rotter's club (italian prog portal)
 (new) Through Different Eyes: An Online Archive of Progressive Music Reviews
 (new) Torino Rock - Musica in Piemonte
 (new) Spanish Progressive Rock Page